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Buddha Beauty: TB & Mint Facial Mist

Sure, by now you know that drinking Thirsty Buddha coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes and antioxidants which are essential to maintaining proper hydration and overall physical health. But, I bet you didn’t know that coconut water can be used as a topical beauty product too!

In Southeast Asia, where the wonders of the coconut have been known for ages, it is common practice to use coconut water to moisturize, control oily skin and fight acne. It’s also antimicrobial, making it the perfect thing to cleanse, moisturize and purify your skin.

Here’s how to turn Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water into a facial mist:

- Save our delicious Coconut Water with Mango for your next beverage break. To make your facial mist, opt for Thirsty Buddha’s All Natural Coconut Water instead.

- In a small spray bottle, add one part water to two parts TB coconut water.

- Add fresh mint leaves to the bottle and refrigerate overnight. The mint will act as a toner and tighten your pores.

- Spray onto your face whenever it’s looking dull or lacking moisture.


Your beauty routine will never be the same again.


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