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Thirsty Buddha®: hydrate from within, replenish and quench your thirst naturally.

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At Thirsty Buddha®, we believe that adequate hydration is essential to life, so much so that we have spent the better part of ours in search of Mother Nature’s ultimate hydrators. On our lifelong journey, comes the success of our quest: natural coconut water.

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1% For the Planet

Through our program with 1% for the Planet we have pledged to donate 1% of annual sales to environmental groups around the world.

How effective is drafting in cycling?
Cycling is one of the most popular endurance sports around the world, and drafting is a key part of competitive cycling. Drafting is a technique where cyclists ride closely behind one another, taking advantage of the slipstream created by the person in front to reduce the amount of energy they need to expend. This can be extremely effective, as it reduces the amount of effort a cyclist needs to exert to reach their maximum speed. It also reduces air resistance, making it easier to maintain momentum and accelerate. Drafting can be a game-changer in a race, helping cyclists to stay ahead of their rivals and win the race.
Where can I find affordable sailing classes in NYC?
New York City is a great place to learn how to sail! There are a number of sailing schools and clubs offering affordable classes for all levels of experience. Whether you want to learn basic sailing skills or become a certified sailor, you can find a class that fits your budget. Classes are available for individuals, couples, and families, and are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. With the city's beautiful waterways, sailing in NYC can be both an exciting and educational experience. So don't wait – find an affordable sailing class today and start your sailing adventure!
Can fitness trackers count calories?
Fitness trackers are devices that measure physical activity and can be worn by individuals to track their progress. However, they may not be as accurate as some people believe when it comes to counting calories. While the trackers measure activity, they are not able to accurately measure the amount of energy expended in that activity. Therefore, they may not be the most reliable way of tracking calories burned. Additionally, fitness trackers are unable to account for different body types and fitness levels which can further throw off their accuracy. Therefore, fitness trackers should be used as an estimate of calories burned rather than an exact measurement.
Which sport is harder to play, basketball or soccer?
What are the best bindings to put on a Burton Custom X?
The Burton Custom X is a popular snowboard for all-mountain riders. Choosing the right bindings for this board is important to maximize performance. Generally, it is recommended to use a stiffer binding with the Burton Custom X to get the most out of its power and stability. The Burton Genesis X and Burton Malavita EST are two excellent choices that offer great cushioning, responsive flex, and superior edge control. Additionally, it is important to consider the rider’s weight and skill level when selecting bindings. With the right bindings, the Burton Custom X can provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.