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Thirsty Treats: TB Coconut Tiramisu

It’s Friday- that means it’s cheat day. Sure, we’re all about that #fitlife with our Thirsty Buddha #fitfam community, but even the most dedicated fitness fanatics have got to indulge every now and then! Now, don’t go running off to find the nearest Big Mac just yet. We’ve got some tips on how to whip up a decadent dessert that incorporates some TB coconut water, ensuring you’re still getting the benefits of your favorite beverage.

What you’ll need:

- 14 oz. mascarpone cream

- 4 eggs, separated

- 4 tbsp sugar

- 1 package of ladyfinger cookies

- 200 ml Thirsty Buddha coconut water

- 200 ml coconut cream

- 30 ml rum

- shredded coconut


- Whisk three egg whites until they stiffen, then set aside.

- Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until they grow in volume, then whisk in mascarpone.

- Stir the Thirsty Buddha coconut water and coconut cream together.

- Dip each ladyfinger into the liquid, then use them to line the bottom of your dish.

- Spoon the mascarpone mixture on top of ladyfingers and sprinkle with cocoa.

- Alternate layers of cookie and mascarpone.


That’s all there is to it! We served them in individual mason jars for some added flare.

Eat up and enjoy- the gym will be waiting for you tomorrow.


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